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I am a woman in her forties, and have a desire to make real changes in my life. No longer can I hide from the truth about my issues.  I am a Hispanic, diabetic, overweight woman.  There is nothing unique about that description other than it describes unique me.  I have a sedentary work life that I have allowed to bleed into my personal life.  The work life will continue, but the personal life must change.  I love reading, writing, COOKING, traveling and my family and friends. I am married to a NASA Nerd and the proud mother of a neurotic mini schnauzer named Miles aka The Boogie Man. All of my issues and loves have brought me to start Teltschik Like It Is.

 I have a desire to explore and experience new things in my life and take you along this journey to a new healthier EVERTHING.  There is definitely going to be talk of food, frustrations, recipes, experiences, and above all else honest talk about my health journey.  Everyone needs to start somewhere and Teltschik Like It Is.

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