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Self Love

Everyone it is getting cold. Yes I am a master of the obvious. LOL

Got an early Valentine's gift from my hubby. I totally had to tiktok it.

He and I can never keep surprises. We also went to a local Brazilian Churrascaria. It was delicious. Protein and veggies. No complaints here. I did ask to see the dessert menu. We didn't order anything but it was nice to look at the pictures and day dream. I am holding out for Valentine's Day. Hubby is going to make me dark chocolate brownies. Probably going to eat one and throw the remaining away. Never deprive yourself. Just make sure not to indulge too much or too often. I don't really miss the sweet stuff. I miss the bad carbs. Potato chips, and homemade tortillas are on the top of the list. Oh! Fried chicken. I miss Raising Canes.

Well the glucose numbers don't lie. I am excited to share that my numbers are normal. I am anxious for March when I go see my Endocrinologist and see what the official A1C is. I am in control! I am doing it and I am proud to say, I am achieving a goal. Today I am patting myself on the back. We all deserve some Self Love.

Teltschik Like It Is - Mandy

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