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Live the Dream!

I am in the planning phase of improving me. This past weekend, I was in my hometown, and I was given a jolt of drive and inspiration. I am going to flow with this. Thank you Tracy. I needed the girlfriend time and I needed to be inspired. I laughed so much. It was so good for the soul. Four women, all different but in it for the same thing. Success and achievement of a dream. I needed this energy. I can identify with each one in my own way.

Neither of them felt superior to the other nor did they dominate the atmosphere. Each woman knows their strengths and weaknesses. Each one brings such beautiful attributes to the table. I also learned all women, are insecure about almost the same things, at any size. One of these beauties is slender and showcases the smaller sizes of the boutique. She does not identify as skinny. She sees herself in the live feed and accepts everyone's compliments on her beauty. But she also is able to identify where she feels she is flawed. All night long, I wanted to hug her, and tell her how beautiful she is until she believed it herself. I wanted to cry on her shoulder and tell her I wish I could look like her. But I also know she feels how I feel about certain body parts. My point is we are all the similar but in different ways. This woman is also beautiful because she is a wonderful soul as well. We all have our insecurities and no matter how much we are told we look amazing, our minds keep us from believing these words.

Why can't all women feel supported by all women? Why is there a constant need to criticize and be catty about one another's success? I have found a group of women who desire to see others succeed. No doubt they have experienced their own share of toxic chat from other women. Despite the Toxica's out there, I see four women amongst their loyal supporters helping to get them to the next level of success.

I returned home talking nonstop about these ladies. They were so kind to open the door of their world to me. I can't thank them enough for the opportunity to see how they work for their dreams. I walked away with smiles, and a burst of energy that was much needed. I needed this! I am going to conquer my health and work on figuring out what direction I am going to take my blog. I am going to continue writing my love story/smut novel. I am going to revamp this webpage and figure out what my content is meant to be. I need to stop rejecting my opportunities and start improving ME!

Tracy, Norma, Laura and Chrissy, you four have inspired me! You served up a dose of fire to me. Also a little dumb as Tracy stated. I welcome it all from you beautiful ladies. You fed my soul and gave me something I needed. Hope. I am in tears now. Everyone support each other. Love each other and help inspire in all walks of life. We are all breathing and walking testaments of living the dream. Dream BIG! Hustle. Let's see where it takes you.

Teltschik Like It Is --- Amanda

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