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Midday Flurries

I was bold and sent my link to a few close friends. These are individuals who have been with me for 15 plus years and know the Amanda of the present. There are some who know me from way back to my South Texas, KTown days. I will always be a STX gal. 🧡 I am excited to share the old with the new. This includes the good, bad and the funny. I am funny. I truly am. I am not just an emotional crier. I know each of you are now remembering something ridiculous I did or a funny moment we experienced together. P'suedo, I am especially talking to you. Inside joke folks. Hilarious story. I will have to remember to share it one day. I am giggling as I type this. Also remind me to tell you about the fork that used to be a butter knife.

Back to the blog.. I am full of energy and ideas thank you Melanie. You are helping me with my vision board.

Hold on folks because

I gotta Teltschik Like It Is ❤️

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