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Feeling Better

Last night I shared my post with several people. I also shared with my husband We were having dinner and I encouraged him to read my post. He didn't know that I made the video and he wasn't aware that I was hiding and crying in the bathroom. He is sensitive and I know this pained him to know I was struggling.

We had a good conversation over dinner. I felt a weight lifted by letting him know how I was feeling about myself. He knows I am working on loving myself. He can't magically make me accept and love myself. He is definitely going to be here for the journey

. Last night before we left the house for dinner he took photographs of me. Unbeknownst to him I had made the previous post showing my body from all angles. My friend Tracy had just messaged me and told me she was proud and excited. (Tracy, I can't thank you enough for the support. You are truly a blessing.) I felt confident in my attire. I had a pretty blouse that I had got my friend's clothing store, UBU Unique Boutique. My hair was fixed, I was wearing my new shades. Wearing silver, hoop earrings and some form fitting jeans with some cute sandals. I felt cute, maybe even pretty.

I took these photographs and posted them on my Facebook page. I actually liked what I saw. I did goof off when I was being photographed and my husband noticed I was having a moment of enjoyment. I even used one of the photos as my profile picture and there it will stay for at least a few days.

I want more moments like this. I want a lot of them. How about you?

Teltschik Like It Is - Amanda

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