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Post Labor Day Thoughts

Great weekend in the books. I meal prepped for the week. A small goal and tangible one out the gate is bring my breakfast and lunch to work everyday. I am tired of eating out and it is getting expensive. I would rather spend my money on other wants.

So this week my friends at UBU and The Beauty Shop are launching a "Get Organized." This could relate to all aspects of life. But this week of decluttering starts with the bathroom. Since I have three storage areas in the bathroom, I am going to take the remainder of this week to toss what is expired, not used, empty, broken, old, and anything that has been long forgotten. I find it entertaining going through products to see how I have evolved and changed. What products were once a fad is now a sad thing. Organizing feeds opens your eyes to more. It frees up the mind from the baggage. I don't use it, then why keep it around?

I challenge all of you to declutter and get organized. I recommend setting aside some time, and trash bags and tackle the clutter.

Unload with me! Teltschik Like It Is - Amanda

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