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Good Numbers

It's been a rocky time trying to get my diabetes under control. This past year has been the easiest. I am not perfect but taking my medication has been a challenge for me. Remembering and just complying to take them is stressful. I know the benefits when taken as prescribed. I also know what they do to me when taken and I don't eat properly. It isn't a pleasant experience. I am not perfect and I enjoy food. Especially food that isn't good for me. I am adjusting but I am weak. All in all, I am pleased with my progress and look forward to my next doctor's appointment and to see my A1C levels. Now to get exercising into the mix and I think I am on my way to conquering Diabetes, or at this point managing it for a longer and better quality of life.

Everyone have a blessed day and don't forget to Teltschik Like It Is!

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