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Vlog #2 Happy Thursday - It Is Cold!

Today the weather folks kept declining our weekend temps. It isn't often we get multiple days of cold freezing temperatures back to back to back. We are ready. We did our shopping and I am prepared to cooks gumbos, and stews. I will post pictures or videos. I love cooking and experimenting with new flavors.

This is one of my favorite online stores. They just celebrated their one year anniversary. Congratulations! They are from my hometown of Kingsville, TX. Talented women getting it done! I was lucky enough to stop by their store when I lasted visited K'Town. I scored some beautiful shirts. I love the fabrics and the lengths of the shirts. I often find it difficult to find blouses that are NOT short. I love my hips, but sometimes a little extra length gives me more confidence. I also bought their tan Boho Canvas Bag. I use it everyday for work. It is large enough to carry my gym clothes and tennis shoes and anything extra. I love that it has a zippered top to keep all my items safe.

I am definitely going to order more from this fabulous online boutique. Give these ladies a try. Boutique Online | Women's Clothing | UBU Unique Boutique ( are on Facebook and I love watching their videos, because they model and wear the clothes. Real women, not a mannequin. They believe in their products. So do I. I am currently in a size 2xl and I want to get down to 1xl for their Spring line. It is killing that I am restricting myself from purchasing more. But I have a goal and once I reach that size, I am going to model my next outfit from UBU.

One more day of work before a long weekend. Everyone stay warm and safe tonight. If you commute early in the morning, please drive safely. Leave early and don't speed. This mornings images from North Texas are so horrific. I am praying for all and especially my dear followers.

Remember just Teltschik Like It Is!

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