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Back On Track

The last few weeks have been a handful. I have neglected my goals. My goals of blogging and exercising. My family and personal life have taken centerstage. Once I get my schedule back on track, I am back full force. I have not gained any weight but I have not lost any. I have lost sleep. But I will say this. God is Good. Everyday God is Good. He has blessed my family and I abundantly.

This past week Covid took two of my friends, mothers. This is much too soon. I am praying for their broken hearts as they deal with shock and sadness.

This isn't meant as a PSA, but please consider wearing a mask when possible. Keep your distance when possible. Vaccinate if you can. I love all my friends, family, and followers. I want us to continue to be healthy and thrive.

Let's keep moving forward and enjoy HIS blessings. Just Teltschik Like It Is - Amanda

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