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Pursue Your Dreams

I have been reflecting on the pursuit of happiness, and achieving one's goals. I often get hung up on the logistics and realize how difficult a road to happiness and joy can be when we try to accomplish something amazing. Fear. Fear sits there in my mind and takes root. What we don't realize is that we need to look around and listen to the words of confidence and the support that has been offered to attain those dreams. There is no shame in accepting that shoulder to cry on. There is a need to show the fear. Our loved ones want to see us succeed and those that want you to succeed want you to overcome that fear. Do not doubt there will be haters and scoffers of your dreams. They exist and those individuals should only help you in one area. These people aid us in pushing forward and proving them wrong.

I know a group of women who work so damn hard living and loving their dreams. Recently my friends suffered a health blow. Covid-19. These women shut down their business and quarantined to their homes in order to get healthy. They own a clothing boutique and a hair salon. The environment they foster is beauty and fashion. There is definitely more to to their brand. Their clothing boutique offers so much more than beautiful fashion. It's affordable and it makes me feel pretty. They too do a live feed to show how the clothing fits and how it flatters every type of body. They are open about their insecurities. They know their clientele and what we are looking for in a garment. The live feeds are at least an hour and a mini get away from our lives. My husband knows Tuesday and Thursday nights at 7pm I am engaged in the fun conversations these women have while modeling clothes. I feel like I am sitting and drinking with my girlfriends and laughing.

Telling us they were sick and had to shut down the shop temporarily was difficult for them. My friend was emotional. It was like a painful breakup. It tugged at our hearts. She showed she loved her job and her followers/clients/friends. She told me there was an outpouring of support. Individuals offering to work for them, provide meals and help them keep the shop going in their absence. People offering to support their dreams. This is beautiful. I hope these ladies realize that their brand is so much more to us. They inspire and they build us up. Women lifting up women.

I have been a plus size gal almost all my life. Shopping for clothes has always been an uncomfortable adventure. For the first time in my life, I am confident when I walk out of my home. I know my garments are flattering. I feel pretty in my skin. I am no longer too shy to smile and take a picture. I will do my best to brag and share their success. Their success has trickled to me. I am loving what I see in the mirror. I know many think a garment can't help an individual's self-esteem. But it truly does. It has allowed me to see my inner beauty and now meshes on the outside. I feel amazing and look amazing.

Ladies, I thank you for the confidence you have helped foster within me. I thank you for the support and the encouragement you give to all of us. Your work ethic and strength are seen and admired. All those wanting to support you want to see you continue onto the next phase. Your hard work and support is helping me get over fears and all the stumbling blocks (excuses) to pursue my dreams. Friends, I love you and appreciate you all dearly...Teltschik Like It Is --- Amanda

Please visit their shop in Kingsville.

UBU Unique Boutique 1400 S. 14th St, Kingsville, TX 78363

Follow them on Facebook: UBU Unique Boutique

Download their app: UBU Unique Boutique - this makes purchasing so easy.

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