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Be Happy.

I am trying to spend more time listening to music on the radio during my drive home.

Some songs make me sad, so I cry. Some make me want to dance, so I dance, and I dance as well as I can, driving down the Gulf Freeway in 5pm, traffic. Other songs have me thinking about moments in life that will stay with me forever. I don't dance much to music anymore. Someone once told me they can tell how happy I am because I am dancing, either it's my eyes dancing or it's the movement in my body. I am working on the happy. I will get there. It takes time to get there. I am getting there, I promise.

My advice to you today is work towards the happy. Read the book that makes you happy and whisks you away to an adventure. Take the adventure vacation you know that will make you happy. Listen to the music that makes you smile and happy. Sometimes it's just doing something as simple as watching cars drive by. Whatever brings you happiness, do it. Be happy. Keep going and keep climbing, you will be there soon enough.

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