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I Never Had A Choice Part: 24

I want to call someone and tell them about my night with Tommy. I can't do that because it is after one in the morning. I managed to get into the house quietly and without anyone waking.

I go straight to the bathroom and lock myself inside. I stand in front of the mirror and look at reflection. My hair down and soft all around my face. My face is flush and my lips are obviously swollen. I no longer have makeup on my face. I mentioned to him I looked awful when I was walking out of his friends house. He pulled me back in to his arms and coaxed me to look at him.

"Veronica, you look beautiful." He pulled me into his arm. He starts kissing me again. He moans because he knows I need to be home in ten minutes. His hands are roaming around my lower back and he is squeezing me.

"Tommy..." I groan against his mouth. He gives my bottom one last squeeze. He then groans into my neck where he has buried his face.

"I don't want to take you home. Not yet, because we have not had enough time together. Technically nothing happened." I laugh at him as I pull away from his embrace.

"Uh, plenty happened. Not necessarily how you wanted it to happen, but something happened." His jaw drops in shock.

"It wasn't my fault. I was doing stuff to you and when you finally came around to agreeing, I lost it. The wait was agonizing, four hours of foreplay is a first for me." His cheeks are turning red, he is embarrassed by his accident. I move to relieve him of his shame. I quickly kiss him, and deepen it as I grab him through his jeans. He jolts in surprise, and kisses me back. I loosen my hand on him and end our kiss and sweetly peck his lips, several times. He is smiling back at me.

"Let's go before I humiliate myself again." I hold my laughter in when he says this.

Now back to the present time in my bathroom, I am undressed. I am staring at my unclothed body and I see where he left his mark on me. He was careful to not leave any near my neck or anywhere visible. I don't look any different but I definitely feel unlike myself. I have no regrets about tonight. Tommy was gentle. I know he was worried I was going to get emotional and back pedal, but I didn't.

Tommy was slow in his pursuit and in persuasions. He cuddled and held me. He never stopped touching me. We were in constant contact. I realize that we hardly ever spent intimate moments together prior to this night. Don't worry we made up for those lost moments. Exploring each other was very exciting.

I know for me it was a night of firsts. He was the first man to ever touch me intimately. He didn't rush any part of this. I thought the kissing was amazing, but when he touched me, it was a whole different level of pleasure. His words, and gestures were perfect. He complimented me on my body as he loved it. Now, I am very aware men do and say what is necessary to gain what they desire. Reader this was very different.

This was a boy who had a reputation for being a party boy, I had only heard stories completely opposite of my own Tommy experiences. I do know in the short amount of time we have spent together we have bonded as friends and now as...I haven't a clue.

I shake my head of the question. I get into the shower to rinse the night off of me. As I lather my hair I am wondering what are we now? Are we dating? Are we friends? Are we boyfriend and girlfriend? Does this need to be identified before I take it any further? Does it matter? If I ask him, will it make him run away, because I am appearing clingy and then he will drop me? Why am I overthinking this and why can't I just wrap myself in the memories from tonight.

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