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I Never Had a Choice Part: 26

Updated: Jun 14, 2021

****If you are just now reading this story it there is adult content, but enjoy 😊start from part 1***

The more I talked to people that knew Tommy, the more I feared they were speaking the truth. I also feared the inevitable. I knew I was falling for him. I knew he cared about me. It was obvious to anyone who spent any amount of time with us.

Christmas would be coming around soon. We both had plans to be out of town. I was going to be with family and he was going to be in a hunting blind with his dad and brother or his buddies. He loved being outdoors. He asked that we spend time together before we parted for the holidays. He was still house sitting and eager as ever to spend "time" with me. I felt the same. But I had a feeling his agenda was different than mine. I know I liked being around him, and obviously I was attracted to him and craved more physical.

Here we were again in his buddy's house. Alone. The kissing is heavy and urgent. One thing I learned about Tommy is that he absolutely loves touching me. He constantly needs our legs intertwined. in doing so he enjoys cupping my butt too. Our intimacy has a lot of physical touch. We often lay in as close as possible. My head on his chest , our legs and arms wrapped around each other and we talk for hours. We look like koala bears.

Tommy eases me into every step of our love making. His touch is gentle and when the feeling is overwhelming we both gravitate to staring into each others eyes. I can tell my sounds excite him. Based on how he touches me. He knows when to be aggressive and gentle. He has come prepared. I don't think I have ever trusted anyone as much as I do him. I am so caught up in the moment, I just remember the feeling of full and his kisses. His eyes, so green, beautiful, unlike my brown eyes which are so common amongst my group.

I feel him inside me, moving and gently. His hands are on my body and touching me gently. He is moaning, and if I concentrate enough, I can hear myself following in unison. There is no pain. There is an enjoyment. He can tell I am getting close to reaching my point. He reaches between us to aid me in the journey. My body shudders and lifts slightly off the bed. and he holds me down. I open my eyes and see him grinning with pride. He then closes his eyes tightly and moves in me faster than ever but careful not to hurt me.

Our breathing has settled. He looks down on me. He smiles then kisses my lips gently. He lifts himself slightly to look at me and see if I am okay and says,

"That was amazing." I look up and stare into his eyes. I know I have tears to shed, but I am just in awe of what just happened here.

I made love to the boy of my dreams and I think I have true feels for him. At this very moment, Tommy lifts his body up and out of me. He walks away to handle the condom and clean up. I am left with a couple of tears to clean up myself.

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