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I Never Had A Choice Part: 25

I called my friend Tara, and told her everything. She was in total shock that I even ventured into this area of the relationship or whatever Tommy and I were. It was so unbelievable she drove over to my house to speak to me face to face.

"Ronnie, what are you two doing? Is he your boyfriend? Are you exclusive to one another?" Now these words were very foreign to my vocabulary. I never had a boyfriend to discuss the matter of exclusivity. Now I am questioning my actions.

"Is he using you?" I didn't know how to answer this question. He was always caring towards me. Usually when we were alone or away from prying eyes. I feel a cry wanting to ascend from my throat. My excitement about my experience is waning. I look away and act distracted by the tv.

"He isn't using me. We are just having fun and I am comfortable experiencing this with him. It's a trust thing." She looks at me wide eyed.

"A trust thing? A trust thing with Tommy Nichols? Mr. Reputation and Partier? He is the last person I would trust. Just how did you manage to get involved with him? Seriously out of all the guys we know in this town, you are messing around with him?" I know she is trying to shield me but it is too late.

"Tara, please believe me when I say he is not how others perceive him to be." She huffed at me and responded.

"Ronnie, it isn't a perception. We who have grown up with him, know him and how he can be. You are a fool." She crossed her arms and slowly calmed herself. Especially when she saw my eyes tearing up. I then responded to her in a lower voice to get her to listen to me.

"I trust him. He cares about me. He promised to protect me. I wish everyone would stop warning me about the consequences and just be happy that I am happy." I finally started letting the tears fall. She looked away from me and I saw her own mouth tremble.

"Tommy is known for his reputation, but he seems to be different around you. I just worry he is going to fuck it all up. " Tara wiped away her tears with her hands. She then pulled me into a bear hug. It was so tight, that I started crying. Deep down, I knew this relationship with him was going to cost me something. I was determined to see this through, no matter the obstacles.

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