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"Know Your Worth"

Updated: Jun 10, 2021

When is it time to let go of hurts? So many people talk about what makes them broken. I am broken. I try not to make it my platform in life. But the hurts live there. Love has broken me several times in the past. Some I have forgotten about and others will live on inside me forever.

Emotional hurt is probably the worst feeling. Rejection, insecurities, and broken promises are a few to mention. This crap also comes with a feeling of no self worth. If someone rejects you, we immediately go to the mindset that we are not good enough or worthy of the love we thought we deserved. If these feelings hurt, why do we cling to them? Why can't we remember the good and go about our lives and leave the hurt behind. Why do we let them take root in our minds?

Why is it difficult to accept support and love where it is given freely? Why can't we accept the love that loves us and wants us and desires to see us flourish? This is in all types of love, both friendship and intimate relationships. Why don't we see what everyone else sees? What keeps us from accepting the blessings?

Everyone has the same issues. Some on a deeper level than others. But everyone is in the same boat. We are not alone. I am working through this, learning to love myself and know my worth. To my friend Tracy, I am learning to know my worth. I have almost 43 years of me to fix. I am in it to heal myself and see my beauty. I am going to have hard times, and good times. But I am going to get out of my shell and polish off my dusty self and see what shines and love it.

Wow, I am crying hard writing and reading this. Admission is difficult. This is my first step. Learn to accept me and love the skin I am in. I want to love me. Because sometimes I think I am pretty awesome.

Goodnight ...Teltschik Like It Is...Amanda T.

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