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I have been extremely far from my page. I apologize to everyone for being so far and away from sharing. Life definitely gets in the way and has kept me from my priority to me. Blogging is something I do to feel good and unload my thoughts.

Please be patient with me. I will be back in full swing. I need to decide what the purpose of my blog should be or needs to be. I want to feel good about this project. I abandoned it because I couldn't figure out what I wanted to share. How much to share. I felt confident enough to share all my scars and issues. Apparently not. I tried but was scared of all the judgements. I know with more time and testing the waters, I may go in deeper, but in my time. I do love writing my silly, love story. It makes me happy. So you will see plenty of that.

Talk to me and ask me questions. What do you want to hear? What do you want learn about? How should I challenge myself? I am open to suggestions. Let's get started!

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