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Separate Checks?

My day was good today until I noticed something that has become hurtful to me. Each time my husband and I dine out it’s becoming more obvious that people do not think we are a couple or married. When it’s time to pay, the wait staff always asks, “Will this be separate checks?” My husband didn't notice it, and in bringing it to his attention, I may have opened a can of worms. Maybe I am overly sensitive about this assumption. Maybe I should appreciate the wait staff in asking to avoid confusion with the payment responsibilities. But since he has lost half his weight and I am still in my fluffy form, my mind wanders to what people think or assume about us. We were both wearing our wedding bands In plain sight. Is it impossible for a slender man to be married to a plus size woman? Is it hard to believe we could be together?

He is handsome, adorable and I feel like a troll. I don’t feel good about myself when this comes up and now I feeling foolish or even juvenile about my thoughts.

I know it should not matter how people think about us. But why do I assume the worst? No one has come out and said they don’t think we are married so why does this bother me so much? Why are my insecurities working against me?

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